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10/24/2012 Debriefing Was Misleading and Evaluation Was Arbitrary
10/24/2012 Government Used Undisclosed Staffing Estimates
10/17/2012 Costs to Negotiate Price of Changed Work Were Recoverable
10/17/2012 Incumbent Lost Standing to Protest Insourcing Decision
10/10/2012 Timber Contract Breach Holding Reversed
10/10/2012 Final Rule Revises GSAR Part 504, Administrative Matters
09/26/2012 8(a) Program Unconstitutional as Applied to Simulator Industry
09/26/2012 Five Final Rules in FAC 2005-61 Amend the FAR
09/19/2012 Selection Was Based on Undisclosed Criteria
09/19/2012 FAR Rule Seeks Standardized Past Performance Evaluations
09/12/2012 Bid Protest Position on Party Was Substantially Justified
09/12/2012 Use of False Estimates Can Be Basis for FCA Liability
09/05/2012 FAR Rule Addresses Safeguarding of Contractor Information Systems
09/05/2012 Final HSAR Rule Implements Revision Initiative
08/29/2012 Denial of Freedom of Information Request Upheld on Appeal
08/29/2012 CAS Procedures Did Not Delay Accrual of Government Claim
08/22/2012 Novation Agreements Did Not Bar Segment Closing Claims
08/22/2012 Hourly Rates Chargeable for Salaried Employees' Overtime
08/15/2012 Contractor's FCA Liability Exceeded Quantum Meruit Recovery
08/15/2012 Price Adjustment for Unilateral Mistake in Bid Granted
08/08/2012 One Interim, Five Final Rules in FAC 2005-60 Amend the FAR
08/08/2012 Limit on Suspension of Affiliates Clarified
08/01/2012 Duplicative Freight Refund Terms Enjoined
08/01/2012 Co-Joint Venturer Had Standing to File Appeal
07/25/2012 Breach Claim Untimely, Award Vacated on Appeal
07/25/2012 Proposed FAR Rule Clarifies Price Analysis Technique
07/18/2012 Treasury Dept. Establishes Internet Payment Platform
07/18/2012 BIS Rules Make Extensive Changes to the EAR
07/11/2012 DoD Issues Another Round of DFARS Rules
07/11/2012 Compensation Based on Tech Company Survey Was Reasonable
07/03/2012 Denial of Abu Ghraib Contractors' Motions Not Appealable
07/03/2012 EAR Rule Would Expand License Exceptions
06/27/2012 Funding Shortfalls Didn't Excuse Duty to Pay Tribal Contractors
06/27/2012 GAO's Recommendation Flawed, But Corrective Action Rational
06/20/2012 Solicitation for Cooperative Agreements Was a Procurement Action
06/20/2012 OFPP Proposes Changes to Circular A-131, Value Engineering
06/13/2012 CFC Sustains Protest of Contractor Procurement
06/13/2012 NASA Issues Two Procurement Notices
06/06/2012 Circumstantial Evidence of Cost Reasonableness Rejected
06/06/2012 DoD Issues Seven Rules Amending the DFARS
05/30/2012 Dismissal of CAS Noncompliance Appeal Denied
05/30/2012 No Merit to Opposing Delay Claims
05/23/2012 Three FAC 2005-59 Rules Amend the FAR
05/23/2012 Oral Contract Did Not Contain Termination Right
05/16/2012 District Court Reversed on Whistleblower and FCA Claims
05/16/2012 "Routine" Payment Request Was Not a CDA Claim
05/09/2012 Limitation on Government Liability for Infringing Imports Reversed
05/09/2012 Final Rules Amend EAR's Entity List
05/02/2012 Four Final Rules in FAC 2005-58 Amend the FAR
05/02/2012 Proposal Eliminated Based on Improper Eligibility Standard
04/25/2012 Solicitation Did Not Prohibit Zip Files for Proposal Documents
04/25/2012 Government Had Control of Proposal in Courier's Possession
04/18/2012 Appeal Rights Can Be Contractually Waived
04/18/2012 DoD Proposes Simplified Prescriptions for Commercial Items Clauses
04/11/2012 Injunction Did Not Apply to New Contract Award
04/11/2012 DoD Issues Five Rules Amending the DFARS
04/04/2012 Contractor Was Not Damaged by Stop Work Order
04/04/2012 EO Addresses National Defense Resources Preparedness
03/28/2012 No Preemption, Political Question Bars to Tort Claims
03/28/2012 HUD Rule Would Revise the HUDAR
03/21/2012 FAC 2005-57 Implements Korea Free Trade Agreement
03/21/2012 $50 Million FCA Civil Penalty Was Unconsitutional
03/14/2012 FAC 2005-56 Issued with Eight Final Rules Amending the FAR
03/14/2012 Award Enjoined Despite Claim of Military Necessity
03/07/2012 DoD Finalizes Contractor Business Systems Rule
03/07/2012 DoD Extends Duration of Small Business Programs
02/29/2012 Cost Savings Applied to Segment Closing Adjustment
02/29/2012 CFC Still Split on Override Review Standard
02/22/2012 Award Overturned Due to Evaluation and Selection Errors
02/22/2012 GSA Restores Provision Addressing Construction Payments
02/15/2012 Override of Automatic Stay Did Not Address All Factors
02/15/2012 CO Not Required to Determine if Team Was Joint Venture
02/08/2012 Contract Waived Immunity to Attorneys' Fee Awards
02/08/2012 Cancellation of IT Procurement and Partial Insourcing Enjoined
02/01/2012 Defective Cofferdam Design Excused Project Delays
02/01/2012 Design-Build Contract Supported Government's Actions
01/25/2012 Sovereign Acts Doctrine Did Not Bar Negligent Estimates Claim
01/25/2012 SBA Rule Addresses Women-Owned Small Business Program
01/18/2012 FAC 2005-55 Issued with Seven Final Rules Amending the FAR
01/18/2012 No Prejudice For Failure to Evaluate Incumbents' Performance
01/11/2012 Best-Value Tradeoff Analyses Selecting Lower Prices Insufficient
01/11/2012 CAS Board Issues Pension Harmonization Rule
01/04/2012 Interim DFARS Rule Addresses Acquisitions of Photovoltaic Devices
01/04/2012 CASB Finalizes TINA Threshold Rule
12/21/2011 GAO Protest Record Estopped Protester's Challenge
12/21/2011 DFARS Rule Makes Technical Amendments
12/14/2011 Use of Most Favored Customer Clause Enjoined
12/14/2011 Failure to Address OCI Was Arbitrary and Capricious
12/07/2011 Rule Begins DoD Transition to System for Award Management
12/07/2011 Rule Adds Representation for Offeror's Former DoD Officials
11/23/2011 FAR 42.709-5 Unallowable Cost Penalty Waiver Clarified
11/23/2011 EAR Rule Amends Existing Validated End-User Authorizations
11/16/2011 FAC 2005-54 Contains 2 Interim, 8 Final Rules Amending the FAR
11/16/2011 Federal Circuit Analyzes Bar Against Duplicative Actions
11/09/2011 Improper Best-Value Award Enjoined
11/09/2011 Revised Solicitation Improperly Limited Proposal Revisions
11/02/2011 FCA Relators Awarded $8.1 Million Share of Settlement
11/02/2011 Failure to Deviate from the FAR Was Material Breach
10/26/2011 Fixed Pricing Schedule Inconsistent With Commercial Practice
10/26/2011 SBA Finalizes Rule Regarding Refinancing of Qualified Debt
10/19/2011 DoD Finalizes Cargo Riding Gang Member Requirements
10/19/2011 Rule Waives Component Test for Qualifying Country End Products
10/12/2011 Jurisdiction over Performance Evaluation Claim Affirmed
10/12/2011 Corrective Action Terminating Contract Was Irrational
10/05/2011 Failure to Investigate OCI Was Arbitrary and Capricious
10/05/2011 DoD Updates Requirements for Multiyear Contracting
09/28/2011 Improper Billing for Bonus Program Potential False Claim
09/28/2011 DoD Finalizes Rule Requiring Display of Fraud Hotline Poster
09/21/2011 Grant of Summary Judgment in FCA Action Affirmed
09/21/2011 CFC Lacked Jurisdiction to Consider Surety's Claims
09/14/2011 Reinstatement of Award Was within Court's Equitable Powers
09/14/2011 Government Did Not Follow FAR Default Termination Procedures
09/07/2011 Sole Source Award of Shelter Systems Violated CICA
09/07/2011 Government's Affirmative Defense on Insurance Coverage Rejected
08/31/2011 No Presumption Costs of Kickbacks Were Passed to Government
08/31/2011 DoD Revises Government Property Requirements
08/24/2011 Claim Dismissed for Failure to Disclose Assignment
08/24/2011 CASB Rule Eliminates Overseas CAS Exemption
08/17/2011 Notice Promising Consideration of Other Offers Bound Government
08/17/2011 NASA Finalizes Award Fee Updates
08/10/2011 DoD Finalizes Rule Prohibiting Contractor Interrogations
08/10/2011 DoD Sets Threshold for Humanitarian/Peacekeeping Acquisitions
08/03/2011 Perfect Compliance with Accessibility Provision Not Required
08/03/2011 SBA Reduces Waiting Period to Reapply for HUBZone Status
07/27/2011 Pre-Performance Costs Recoverable for Convenience Termination
07/27/2011 CASB Ties Applicability Threshold to TINA
07/20/2011 FAC 2005-53 Issued with Six Rules
07/20/2011 Insourcing Protest Dismissed for Lack of Prudential Standing
07/13/2011 Pilot Program for Military-Purpose Nondevelopmental Items
07/13/2011 Rule Addresses Manufacturing Risk in Major Defense Acquisitions
07/06/2011 Final DFARS Rule Addresses SPOT System
07/06/2011 Unclear Award Document Precluded Summary Judgment
6/29/2011 Tort Claim Preempted by Federal Interest in Battlefield Immunity
06/29/2011 Interim Rule Adds IT Security Provisions to GSAR
06/22/2011 Standard Contract Was Unenforceable
06/22/2011 Final DoD Rule Seeks to Improve Tracking of Warranties
06/15/2011 FAC 2005-52 Contains Six Rules Amending the FAR
06/15/2011 SBA Considers Retraction of Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver
06/08/2011 State-Secrets Privilege Rendered Dispute Nonjusticiable
06/08/2011 Final Rule Amends GSAR Leasing Provisions
06/01/2011 FOIA Requests May Preclude False Claims Act Suits
06/01/2011 DoD Issues Interim Rule on Contractor Business Systems
05/25/2011 Final Rule Updates ASBCA Rules
05/25/2011 Architect's Aesthetic Choices Were Compensable Changes
05/18/2011 Sub Could Bring Breach Claim as Third-Party Beneficiary
05/18/2011 Rule Seeks to Minimize DoD's Use of Hexavalent Chromium
05/11/2011 Major Changes to FAR's OCI Coverage Proposed
05/11/2011 Proposal Delayed by "Mail Storm" Was Timely
05/04/2011 Government Not Required to Evaluate Line Item Pricing for Realism
05/04/2011 DoD Issues Three Final DFARS Rules
04/27/2011 "Pay-When-Paid" Clause Not Fatal to Subcontractor's Claim
04/27/2011 Directive Was a Compensable Change
04/20/2011 Anti-Kickback Act Applied to "Downstream" Payments
04/20/2011 FTR Rules on Relocation Allowances Finalized
04/13/2011 FAC Implements Women-Owned Small Business Program
04/13/2011 HUBZone Residency Safe Harbor Limited
04/06/2011 CDA Trumps Postal Act's Grant of District Court Jurisdiction
04/06/2011 Changes to Interior Department's Acquisition Regulation Proposed
03/30/2011 FAC 2005-50 Contains Ten Rules Amending the FAR
03/30/2011 Rule Requiring Safety Inspections for DoD Facilities Finalized
03/23/2011 Board's Denial of Equitable Estoppel Reversed
03/23/2011 DFARS Amendment Adds Reference to Policy Memorandum
03/16/2011 Government Entitled to Equitable Segment Closing Adjustment
03/16/2011 DFARS Rule Authorizes Access to Proprietary Contractor Data
03/09/2011 Compliance Specialist's Retaliation Claim Summarily Denied
03/09/2011 DFARS Rule Requiring Notice of Bundling Finalized
03/02/2011 No Contract Ambiguity to Excuse Default
03/02/2011 SBA Rule Implements Small Business Job Act Amendments
02/23/2011 Standardization Decisions Violated CICA, Procurement Enjoined
02/23/2011 DoD Finalizes Rule on Award-Fee Contracts
02/16/2011 Summary Denial of Government Contractor Defense Not Appealable
02/16/2011 DFARS Rule Addresses Tagging, Labeling, and Marking of GFP
02/09/2011 Counsel Sanctioned for Violation of Protective Order
02/09/2011 DOT Finalizes Changes to Disadvantaged Business Program
02/02/2011 Supreme Court Upholds Employee Background Checks
02/02/2011 FAC Requires Public Access to FAPIIS Information
01/26/2011 CFC Hears Protest of AbilityOne Award, Issues TRO
01/26/2011 NASA Rule Implements FAR Government Property Provisions
01/19/2011 FCA Liability for Later Contract Years Affirmed
01/19/2011 Responsibility Determination Based on Legal Opinion Was Flawed
01/12/2011 Four FAC 2005-48 Final Rules Update the FAR
01/12/2011 Final Rule Provides Guidance on OCIs in Major DoD Programs
12/29/2010 Contractor's CDA Standing Was a Triable Issue
12/29/2010 DoD Final Rule Makes Technical Changes
12/22/2010 FAC 2005-47 Issued with Seven Rules
12/22/2010 "Unnecessary" Corrective Action Permanently Enjoined
12/15/2010 No District Court Jurisdiction over Insourcing Challenge
12/15/2010 Final FTR Rule Addresses Vehicle Use, Makes Technical Changes
12/08/2010 Error-Laden Procurement for Medical Services Enjoined
12/08/2010 DFARS Rule Adds Cost and Data Reporting Requirements
11/24/2010 Override of CICA Automatic Stay Upheld
11/24/2010 CO Should Have Followed Guidelines Giving Priority to Veterans
11/17/2010 Interim DFARS Rule Bars Interrogations by Contractor Personnel
11/17/2010 Overlapping Claims Met Sum Certain Requirement
11/10/2010 Appeal Rights in APA Case Deprived CFC of Jurisdiction
11/10/2010 DoD Finalizes Rules, Adds Interim Rule on Safety Inspections
11/03/2010 District Court Allows Plaintiffs Limited Discovery in Burn Pit Litigation
11/03/2010 DFARS Rule Adds Subcontracting Reporting Requirement
10/27/2010 Board's Interpretation of Non-Substitution Clause Was Faulty
10/27/2010 Unnecessary Corrective Action Enjoined
10/20/2010 No Immunity from Katrina Claims for Construction Contractor
10/20/2010 Exchanges on TAA Compliance Were Not Discussions
10/13/2010 FAC 2005-46 Issued with Seven Rules
10/13/2010 SDB Set-Aside Contract Was Illegal, Violated SBA Regulations
10/06/2010 FCA Claim Was Not Alleged with Sufficient Particularity
10/06/2010 Tort Claims Did Not Implicate Political Question Doctrine
09/29/2010 Decision on CDA Jurisdiction over Evaluation Dispute Reversed
09/29/2010 DFARS Proposal Addresses Material Inspection & Receiving Reports
09/22/2010 CFC Again Rejects DOJ Interpretation of Set-Aside Scheme
09/22/2010 DFARS Rule Adds Guidance on Personal Services
09/15/2010 Realtors' FCA Claims Complied with Pleading Requirements
09/15/2010 Decision Not to Reinstate Potential Awardee Was Rational
09/8/2010 FAC 2005-45 Issued with Three Extensive Rules
09/8/2010 CDA's Statute of Limitations Subject to Equitable Tolling
09/1/2010 Court of Federal Claims: GAO's OCI Decision Not Rational
09/1/2010 DoD Finalizes Rule on T&M and L-H Commercial Items Contracts
08/25/2010 DoD Finalizes Rule on Management of Unpriced Change Orders
08/25/2010 DFARS Provisions on Excessive Pass-Through Charges Deleted
08/18/2010 Alleged Mistakes Were Not False Claims Act Violations
08/18/2010 SBA Revises Rules of Procedure for Cases Before the OHA
08/11/2010 DoD Finalizes Inflation Adjustments for Acquisition Thresholds
08/11/2010 Requested Stay Unreasonable and Prejudicial to Contractor
08/4/2010 Protester Was Not Prejudiced by Evaluation Errors
08/4/2010 GSA Amends FMR to Clarify Home-to-Work Transportation Policy
07/28/2010 First-to-File Rule Barred FCA Action
07/28/2010 Interim DFARS Rule Requires Notice of Bundled Contracts
07/21/2010 FAC Requires Reporting of Executive Compensation, Subcontracts
07/21/2010 Liquidated Damages Defense Required CDA Claim
07/14/2010 FAC 2005-43 Contains Five Rules
07/14/2010 Calls from Cloned Phone Not Chargeable to Government
07/7/2010 Not Necessary to Include Repriced Contract in Impact Analysis
07/7/2010 Destruction of Evaluators' Rating Sheets Violated FAR Subpart 4.8
06/30/2010 FAC 2005-42 Issued with Twelve Rules
06/30/2010 Disclosure of Employee Information Was Not PIA Violation
06/23/2010 Exercise of Options Under ID/IQ Contracts Was Improper
06/23/2010 DoD Limits Authority for Certain Line Items and Options
06/16/2010 Costs Awarded for Lock and Dam Construction Claims
06/16/2010 Government's Convenience Termination Was a Breach of Contract
06/09/2010 Despite Government Error, Protest Was Denied
06/09/2010 DOE Updates Regulations to Conform with the FAR
06/02/2010 DoD Restricts Use of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements
06/02/2010 Board Had Jurisdiction over Performance Rating Challenge
05/26/2010 Award Based on Unacceptable Proposal Vacated
05/26/2010 Clean-Up Work Did Not Give Rise to False Claims
05/19/2010 Relator Sufficiently Alleged Contractor Violated FCA
05/19/2010 Space Station Transport Protest Remanded for Clarification
05/12/2010 High Probability of Purchase Enough for False Claims Act Suit
05/12/2010 DFARS Final Rule Addresses Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans
05/05/2010 Nature of Documents Determined Applicability of Jurisdictional Bar
05/05/2010 Release of Statement of Work Violated SBA's 8(a) Regulations
04/28/2010 False Claims Act Public Disclosure Bar Not Limited to Federal Sources
04/28/2010 FAC Encourages Use of Project Labor Agreements
04/21/2010 Independent R&D Development Costs Were Allowable
04/21/2010 FASA Barred Protest of Sole-Source Delivery Order
04/14/2010 Davis-Bacon Act Violations Led to False Claims Act Liability
04/14/2010 BIS to Issue EAR License Documents in Electronic Form Only
04/07/2010 FAC Establishes Performance and Integrity Information System
04/07/2010 DFARS Final Rule Updates ASBCA Charter
03/31/2010 FAC 2005-39 Issued with Seven Rules
03/31/2010 Novelty and Partial Success Not Substantial Justification
03/24/2010 Pre-ADRA Protest Jurisdiction Survives for Nonprocurement Protests
03/24/2010 HUBZone Competitions Have Priority under Small Business Act
03/17/2010 Requirement for Integrated and Operational System Was Rational
03/17/2010 Complaint Sufficiently Pled FCA Violation
03/10/2010 Government Not Liable for Suspension of Timber Sales Contracts
03/10/2010 No Implied-in-Fact Warranty Arose from Sale of Vehicle
03/03/2010 Foreign Contractor Lacked Minimum Contacts to Support Jurisdiction
03/03/2010 Government Contractor Defense Did Not Bar Truck Drivers' Claims
02/24/2010 Court Declines to Bifurcate Protest and CDA Claim
02/24/2010 Limitations Placed on Procurements on DoD's Behalf
02/17/2010 Order Prohibiting Govt Defense in Nuclear Fuel Storage Case Valid
02/17/2010 Jurisdiction Existed over Government Employee's FCA Action
02/10/2010 Government Ordered to Comply with Automatic Stay Requirements
02/10/2010 Breach Claim Not Barred by FASA's Prohibition of Bid Protests
02/03/2010 Pension Liabilities Transferred to Segment Buyer Were Unallowable
02/03/2010 Award of Subcontracts Was a "Procurement"
01/27/2010 Government Claims Were Conclusory, Lacked Specificity
01/27/2010 EAR Rule Adds Persons to Entity List
01/20/2010 ASBCA's Interpretation of Roofing Contract Reversed
01/20/2010 Government's Defective Pricing Claim Was Untimely
01/13/2010 DFARS Rule Clarifies Foreign Acquisition Definitions
01/13/2010 Limited Allowability of Demonstration Costs for Leased Equipment
01/06/2010 FCA Defendant's Counterclaims Dismissed as Against Public Policy
01/06/2010 GSAR Provisions on Describing Agency Needs Revised
12/23/2009 FAC 2005-38 Issued with Seven Rules
12/23/2009 Injunction Against Award for Tanker Maintenance Vacated
12/16/2009 Injunction Denied Despite Significant Procurement Errors
12/16/2009 CFC Affirms Jurisdiction over Non-Procurement Protests
12/9/2009 DoD Finalizes Five Interim Rules
12/9/2009 DoD Rule Addresses Government Rights in Vessel Designs
11/25/2009 District Court Enjoins Debarment Decision
11/25/2009 Cost Reduction Removed Contractor's Pension Surplus Liability
11/18/2009 Contractor Employee Not Required to Arbitrate Tort Claims
11/18/2009 SBA Amends HUBZone Definition of "Employee"
11/11/2009 Communications Were Not Public Disclosures under FCA
11/11/2009 Disqualified Small Business Could Not Challenge New Award
11/4/2009 CDA Limitations Period May Be Equitably Tolled
11/4/2009 Government Prevented from Disclosing Unit Pricing Information
10/28/2009 FAC 2005-37 Issued with Eight Rules
10/28/2009 Protest of Price Evaluation Methodology Was Untimely
10/21/2009 Evidence Was Sufficient to Find Contractor Failed to Disclose OCIs
10/21/2009 Energy Policy Executive Order Includes Contractor Provisions
10/14/2009 Claims Against "Integrated" Contractors Were Federally Preempted
10/14/2009 Government Owed Compounded Interest for CAS Violation
10/7/2009 Standing Threshold for Pre-Award Protests Clarified
10/7/2009 Complaint Was Properly Filed After Denial of Breach Claim
9/30/2009 Protester Properly Excluded for Late Proposal
9/30/2009 Names of Personnel Involved in Bidding Exempt Under FOIA
9/23/2009 Realtor Sufficiently Pled False Claims Act Violations
9/23/2009 Setoff  Provisions Not Applicable to Miller Act Bonds
9/16/2009 Modifications Exceeded Scope of Task Order, Performance Enjoined
9/16/2009 Proposed Rules Intended to Bolster Past Performance Information
9/9/2009 CFC Lacked Authority to Set Aside Performance Evaluations
9/9/2009 DFARS Amendments Update List of DoD Contracting Activities
9/2/2009 Government, ASBCA Applied Wrong CLIN to Payment Dispute
9/2/2009 Government Improperly Evaluated Awardee's Proposal
8/26/2009 FAC 2005-36 Contains Seven Rules
8/26/2009 Negligence Claims Raised Nonjusticiable Political Questions
8/19/2009 Contractor Established Basis for Government Contractor Defense
8/19/2009 Fraud Justified Revocation of Acceptance of Construction Work
8/12/2009 Unequal Discussions and Scoring Were Valid Protest Grounds
8/12/2009 DoD Finalizes Rule on Specialty Metal Restrictions
8/5/2009 Federal Circuit Affirms Use of IDIQ Construction Contracts
8/5/2009 Dismissal of SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Claim Reversed
7/22/2009 Federal Circuit: No CDA Jurisdiction over Subcontractor Appeal
7/22/2009 Release Applied to Impact and Delay Claims
7/15/2009 FAC 2005-34 Implements Presidential Memo and Statutes
7/15/2009 Allegations RFQ Amended in Bad Faith Were Unsupported
7/8/2009 Appeal Period Limited to 30 Days When U.S. Not a Party
7/8/2009 Decision to Disclose Pricing Data under FOIA Upheld
7/1/2009 FAR Councils Issue FAC 2005-33
7/1/2009 Default Termination of R&D Contract Was Justified
6/24/2009 Judicial Estoppel Precluded Consideration of Counterclaim
6/24/2009 SBA Implements Temporary Loan Guarantees
6/17/2009 Court of Federal Claims' OCI Ruling Reversed
6/17/2009 Allowability of Settlement Costs Depended on Merits of Suit
6/3/2009 RFP for Integrated Software Solution Was Not Unduly Restrictive
6/3/2009 Rule Proposes Revised Criteria for Sole Source SDVOSB Acquisitions
5/27/09 Coal Was Not Acceptable Bid Bond Asset
5/27/09 States Secrets Doctrine Did Not Support Dismissal
5/20/2009 Costs of Reducing Maintenance Backlog Awarded
5/20/2009 Small Business Contractor Entitled to Preliminary Injunction
5/13/2009 Supplier's Contacts Had No Authority to Bind Government
5/13/2009 Wrongful Death Claim Did Not Raise Non-Justiciable Political Questions
5/6/2009 FCA Claim Improperly Limited to Funds Paid from U.S. Treasury
5/6/2009 Supreme Court Finds No Authority for Breach of Trust Claim
4/29/2009 Proposed Rule to Update FAR HUBZone Provisions
4/29/2009 CDA Inapplicable to Claim Alleging Agreement to Facilitate Payment
4/22/2009 FTR Final Rules Address Meals and Incidental Expenses Allowance
4/22/2009 Government Required to Provide Security Escorts
4/15/2009 FAC 2005-32 Implements American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
4/15/2009 Contract and Conduct Supported Cost Claims
4/8/2009 Government Breached Timber Sale Contracts
4/8/2009 CFC Had Jurisdiction over Protest of Cancelled Solicitation
4/1/2009 FAR Councils Issue Six Rules with FAC 2005-31
4/1/2009 CO's Decision Was a Proper Assertion of Defective Pricing Claim
3/25/2009 Claim Used as "Negotiating Ploy" Was Fraudulent
3/25/2009 District Court Had Tucker Act Jurisdiction
3/4/2009 Government Confuses Date, Prevents Contractor from Finishing
3/4/2009 Infringement Claim Sent to District Court with New Defendant
2/25/2009 Protest of FedBizOpps Procurement Dismissed
2/25/2009 Development Costs Were Not Allocable to a Government Contract
2/18/2009 Government Released Proprietary Contractor Information
2/18/2009 Challenge to Performance Evaluation Was Claim Under CDA
2/11/2009 Anti-Assignment Act Did Not Bar Successor's Claim for Costs
2/11/2009 Negotiation Prevented Finality of CO's Decision
1/28/2009 FAR Councils Issue Nine Rules in FAC 2005-30
1/28/2009 Selection Decision Was Flawed, Award Enjoined
1/14/2009 Alleged Oral Contract Was Not Governed by CDA Requirements
1/14/2009 Treasury Raises Prompt Payment/CDA Interest Rate
1/7/2009 CFC Exercises Jurisdiction over Performance Evaluation Dispute
1/7/2009 Contractor's Segment-Closing Interest Rate Assumption Was Proper
12/24/2008 Cancellation and Reissuance of Set-Aside Was Reasonable
12/24/2008 GSA Finalizes Rule on Protests, Disputes, and Appeals
12/17/2008 Tax Injunction Act Barred Suit in District Court
12/17/2008 Motion to Stay Appeals Did Not Satisfy Criteria
12/10/2008 Small Disadvantaged Businesses Preference Ruled Unconstitutional
12/10/2008 Adjustment Denied for Failure to Include Employee Benefits in Bid
11/19/2008 Government Within Rights to Waive Anti-Assignment Prohibition
11/19/2008 Price Realism Analysis Improperly Downplayed Maintenance Issues
11/12/2008 Protest Sustained for Improper Competitive Range Determination
11/12/2008 SBA Rule Streamlines Administrative Wage Garnishment
11/5/2008 CFC Enjoins Information Technology Services Contracts
11/5/2008 Resolicitation Following Sustained Protest Was Not Bad Faith
10/29/2008 Government Authorized Alleged Patent Infringement
10/29/2008 Rule Implements Selected Reserve Evaluation Factors
10/22/2008 Title to Manufacturing Equipment Vested in the Contractor
10/22/2008 Contractor Entitled to Extension, Termination Unsupported
10/15/2008 Notice of Potential Default Was Sufficient to Trigger Equitable Duty
10/15/2008 Settlement Agreement Barred Government Recovery
10/8/2008 Nexus Between Tort and Contract Sufficient for Jurisdiction
10/8/2008 Sovereign Acts Doctrine Precluded Change Claim
10/1/2008 FAR Councils Issue FAC 2005-27 with 14 Rules
10/1/2008 Government's Breach of Oil and Gas Leases, Remedy, Affirmed
9/24/2008 Protester Failed to Substantiate Alleged Evaluation Improprieties
9/24/2008 Multistate IDIQ Construction Solicitation Upheld
9/17/2008 OPM Regulation Violated Statute, Was Arbitrary and Capricious
9/17/2008 Appeals Stayed Pending Criminal Investigation
9/10/2008 Agency and Litigation Positions Were Not Substantially Justified
9/10/2008 Motion to Strike Application for Bid and Proposal Costs Denied
9/03/2008 Responsibility Determination Disregarded Bid Rigging Violations
9/03/2008 U.S. Substantive Law Applied to Foreign Office Lease
8/27/2008 Essential Need Letter Was Not Incorporated by Reference
8/27/2008 Surety's Pledge of Mined Coal Was Unacceptable Asset