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  • SECnet - SECnet is a comprehensive, real-time SEC filings research, retrieval and alert system. It includes a set of precision research tools and proprietary databases designed to enable users to quickly locate references to the SEC filings—EDGAR and non-EDGAR—that meet their needs, and retrieve or order the full-text of filings.

  • IPO Vital Signs - IPO Vital Signs is a Web-based system that answers the most critical questions confronting IPO professionals and executives of pre-IPO companies. More than a database, IPO Vital Signs contains more than 190 pre-defined searches—each a Vital Sign. The Vital Signs present information in an easy-to-use tabular format that can be further sorted and ranked or download directly into spreadsheets. Hyperlinks within each table allow for interactive drill-down into the details of every IPO in the system.


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